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Come and join us MDIS in Tashkent,that is opened by Singapore institute.
The directions of the Institute are:
2-Management and Entrepreneurship
3-Information Technology (IT)
4-Business & Marketing
Banking & Finance


Hostel is available with high comfort (25$ per month) (Price Changes yearly)
Library contains 150000 books and online books
Wi-Fi is available in the campus
Copy centre is available
The staff very passionate and very friendly
Lecturers are from foreign developed universties such as US, Germany, Singapore, Australy, and so on.
qualified,and tutors have teaching experiences in Singapore.
This institute (MDIST) is unique one students are one family, come and join our family
One year studying is 5000$ (Price Might Change)
If you enter as a grant student companies and banks would pay you providing that you would work there for 5 years.
Every summer undergradute working experience provided.
Country: Uzbekistan, Tashkent city, District Chilanzar,Bunyodkor ST,
E-mail: mdis@mdis.uz
Student of MDIS in Tashkent
Aminjonov Mirhabibjon
Be active leader with MDIS in Tashkent.

MDIS's blackboard http://elearning.mdis.edu.sg/

images.jpgemail me with any question: mirhabib@mail.ru
















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Good job

Rizaev,2014-03-16 00:56

As a leading university in Uzbekistan, MDIS in Tashkent reveals global leaders in business field, which in turn supports the strategic development of management of the country.

Hello MDIS

Feruza,2012-03-26 16:25

I want to be a student in MDIS! I am trying! This is my dream to be student there! I never give up.


Azamat,2010-07-29 19:37

I hope I'll enter. teachers wait me


Abdurahmonov,2010-04-28 08:18

I want to apply in MDIS in Taskent


Jasurbek,2010-02-18 14:23

man sizga o'qishga kirmoqchiman

My opinion

Sherzod,2009-12-27 06:13

I think it sounds really good! And i look forward to exams so impatiently!